Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Season means Cake Season

We have been crazy busy the past couple months. Bridal shower cakes, Bachelorette party cupcakes, wedding cakes, and that's not counting the birthday, anniversary, work celebration cakes. Seems like there hasn't been a chance to sit down and breathe in forever. But we like it that way. A few weeks ago, we litterally did 4-5 cakes in two days. Lovely Lady Jan returned from a delivery to find me in the kitchen making cake balls. They weren't for anything specific, but we had the ingredients to make them so I thought why not, everyone loves cake balls. She looked at me like I was crazy. She was probably thinking the same thing I think when I wake up in morning and discover she has made an entire cake between the hours of 3am-7am. Oh, and re-arranged the living room furniture. She's the night owl, I'm worthless by 2am. We make a good team though. I don't mind baking the cakes, she's the only one allowed to level them. I've gotten rather fast at filling and dirty icing, and she can roll out the fondant and cover a cake completely by the time I can locate the rolling pin. I'm a whiz with the pastry bag and Jan's our head bedazzler. I don't think it could work out any better.
We've got a cake free weekend and then things pick back up for June and July. Check out our most recent creations:
Shout out to my fellow Spartans! Bixby cupcakes 

 Skiatook Bulldog
 Fireman Grooms cake
 I can't believe Reid and Reese are 2! Time fliers. Last year's theme was Sesame Street, this year was Mickey Mouse.
                   Here is Reid mans cake:                                           Little Reese's Minnie Mouse Cake:
                                                                     Twins Birthday cake
 Nurse birthday cake
 Pink and blue wedding cake
                      Bridal Shower cake. There's a black M on top but it got lost in the black background
                          Tangled Birthday                                                      Birthday at the skate park.
                                                                                   You can see some of Jans' Bedazzle talent here :) 
                                    I LOVED this cake. It turned out even better than I imagined
Tulip cupcakes
                                                           Breast Cancer Awareness
                             Bridal Shower                                                        Joeys wrestling cake :)