Friday, June 17, 2011

Cakes and tan lines

Well, we've hit the 90s every day this month which doesn't make our lives easy in cake land. Humidity has a dramatic effect on fondant and the heat makes for stressful deliveries. I love summer. I love the the sun, the lake, the water, everything about summertime is wonderful memories to me. But I would much rather make cakes in the winter.
But people need cakes in the heat just like they do in the cold, if not more. It seems like there are more birthdays and weddings throughout this season than any other. Or maybe I'm just trying to cram laying out and snow cones into my cake schedule. Either way, we are doing both as much as we can. Here are a few as of late:

 5-0 birthday cake
 Baby bottle shower cake and mini cupcakes

 Eeyore first birthday
Eeyore aerial view with cupcakes
And a little of my other favorite hobby :)

More creations to come later! Forward this blog to all your friends and family. And feel free to comment! I've had no comment thus far, I'm starting to think no one reads this.....hello.....helloooo...

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